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In today's business, information technology (IT) is fast becoming a key component of an enterprise. The traditional view of IT as that it is simply used as a placeholder for business information is changing.

IT is becoming a key component of your business planning and strategy; to become more competitive in your marketplaces; to boost productivity; to organize your business processes; to speedier product design, development, and time to market; to improved customer relationships; to more effective sales and marketing; to open new venues for parts and supplies procurement; to opening new channels and venues of doing business over the internet; to efficient communication and interchange of business knowledge and information among...

Industry Solutions

we have been working with companies small and large to deploy information technology in various parts of their businesses. Over this period, we developed a keen understanding of what our customers expect of us, and how well we can deliver results for them.

As an information technology solutions and services provider, we accumulated vast experience in several areas of systems and applications integration, enterprise resource planning, custom applications development, web services, data warehousing, data migration, business intelligence, electronic data interchange, customer relationship management, mobile applications, and B2B commerce technology..

Hyperchip Overview

Prouduct Development
For clients with high availability and/or high bandwidth requirements, IT provides access to both dedicated Virtual Servers and Co-Location services for client owned equipment....

Out Sourcing
Outsourced software product life cycle management offshore joint software product development support offshore software product engineering....
Java, .net, Oracle, SAP, Data Warehousing PHP, VB...

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